Can Ibrahimovic break a new record?

The genius of Malmo continues to be the great certainty of the Milan season: 30 goals overall, 23 in the league. Eto’o’s record in the viewfinder.

All about Zlatan. As before, more than before. The Milan clings to the Swedish totems out of this mini-crisis that has complicated than a little-league plans for the Rossoneri. Ibrahimovic is the lifeline for a devil who struggles to stay afloat, including injuries, suspensions and tiredness.

The goal machine continues to be the great certainty of the Milan season: 30 goals overall, 23 in the league. Ibrahimovic goals ever achieved, that is having probably the best year of his career. Unlike what happened in the past, the Swede has not decreased in the second half of the season, maintaining its performance levels of excellence.

It’s no secret that over the Scudetto Ibrahimovic circles this year the scepter of King bombers. Three years ago won the top scorer with 25 networks, a goal well within reach since the only two goals. Not to mention the possible attack on the record Eto’o, scorer last season with 34 centers decade.

Never as in this period, Milan desperately need the feats of Zlatan to keep alive their ambitions. And to him, the man-championship par excellence, comes also asked, in these seven games remaining, an additional dose of self-control, to avoid the dangerous disqualification. Why Ibrahimovic on its head a sword of Damocles called formal notice, and a yellow at this point in the season could weigh a ton.

He will need self-control even Massimiliano Allegri, who in recent weeks has had more of a comparison with Ibra: Swedish criticized the tactics of the coach in the second leg against Arsenal and voiced his opinion, no tones oxfordiani properly, the controversy-injury, also criticizing the athletic trainers. Milan, however, can not afford cracks in the latter part of the season: better to cover the damage and delay the restoration work at the end of May …

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