Catania 1-1 AC Milan

At 65 ‘Milan have claimed a goal when Robinho, Carrizo passed out, kicked weakly and Marquis off the line … or maybe inside?

Catania is not passed. This year the team is doing really rossazzurra ‘large’ and also AC Milan, more often than the pirate ‘Maximin’, has had to deal with a team that never stands still even after you have found to make the match with Spolli. The goals that led the Rossoneri the lead was Robinho. Then, after 1-1, many occasions by both parties, but no goal and the score of equality seems, on balance, the most just.

TRAINING – There Robinho in attack alongside Ibrahimovic at Milan, with El Shaarawy confined to the bench with Boateng and former Maxi Lopez. Absent Nesta and Thiago Silva, there are Bonera and Nesta in central defense with the Abbot recovered on the right. In Catania, Montella finds Marco Motta and confirms the team-type.

MATCH – Part immediately well with Catania Bergessio that, after 2 minutes of play, is face to face with Abbiati, but takes the side netting. The Milan, shortly after, it is immediately dangerous to the free throw Ibrahimovic Emanuelson, who came face to face with Carrizo, kick him to the Argentine goalkeeper. The rossazzurri play without awe, but Milan is the game and the 17 ‘Ibrahimovic is to present face to face with the goalkeeper but could not beat Catania. The guys from Montella, however, are alive: Motta’s in the middle of a beautiful cross from the right on which is better than Bergessio Mexes, but his header did not frame the door.

Guests, slowly, to take possession of the field, acting as a buoy Ibrahimovic trying to make postings by Emanuelson, Robinho and Nocerino and it is precisely in this way that Milan is the advantage: free Robinho Ibrahimovic who presented himself face to face with Carrizo, is cold in beating imparabilmente the former goalkeeper of Lazio. The goal is not suffered the demoralizing Catania, just 3 minutes later, it should be close to balance it with a beautiful header from the center of Alejandro Gomez that the crossbar. And ‘this is the last action of note at first played on a fast pace, though not rich in opportunities.

The second half started quickly with a bang: Gomez found the equalizer with a tap-in header, but Bergonzi undo the network of Catania recognizing an offside Bergessio, author of the assist. The impetus of Catania and is not subsiding Bergessio to try on a free kick with no luck. Allegri tries to reshape his Milan sending Boateng in the field instead of Emanuelson, but it is still the home team and try to insist with a left of Lodi that the door frames.

The draw, however, is in the air and reaches 57 ‘: developments of a corner kick from the left, stopping the ball in the penalty Rossoneri until Spolli is quickest of all to beat Abbiati from close range. The guys from Montella also not satisfied and continue to press the accelerator driven by a devastating Almiron tries twice from outside the box, before you become involved in a sweeping coast-to-coast, 60 meters long, finished with a right imprecise. Amid attempts by Argentine midfielder, AC Milan is close to the goal by Robinho, who, after ruling also dribbling in Carrizo, is opposed by the Marquis on the goal line.

Montella sends in Llama in place of Barrientos, Allegri responds with El Shaarawy in place of Robinho. AC Milan wants to win and try to earn back yards to go in search of a goal, touched the 77 ‘by Mexes, whose header Carrizo is nothing short of miraculous. Allegri also plays the card Maxi Lopez, but in the final minutes Ibra is the only one to try for the Rossoneri, finding the opposition of Carrizo. Moments before the final whistle, the Catania good to win the ball but failed to capitalize and the end result of 1-1 was the most correct.

KEY – The Catania has suffered a blow after goals from Robinho and was not satisfied with the draw after the signature of Spolli: this was the secret of eleven Montella, today.

CHICCA – Nicola Legrottaglie, the half-hour for the first time, advances in fine style and then climbs over Robinho Ibrahimovic with a sombrero chic before changing the game with a throw to Veron. The defender of Catania is now truly regenerated.

Tactics – The 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2 Montella Allegri are now the trademarks of the teams: in Milan Ibrahimovic retreats often to collect the ball, forcing him to turn to follow him and Spolli or Legrottaglie thus creating a hole for insertion of midfielders.

SLOW MOTION – The decision of the goals canceled Gomez looks good because of an offside Bergessio, author of the deviation. The Milan protest to save the Marquis line, but it seems that the ball has passed fully the goal line.

PROMOTED & rejected – The best field is definitely Nicola Legrottaglie ache extraordinary performance of Carrizo, Spolli and the second time Almiron. Among rossazzurri ‘stick’ only Barrientos. In Milan, Ibrahimovic is the usual fury, and while Emanuelson El Shaarawy will see shortly.

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