Ederson: “Lazio is a great team, but there are Inter and Milan”

Earn about two million, Lazio will “be” zero euros. As Breno, Bayern’s defender, on which the leadership is Capitoline spinegendo a few weeks.

Yesterday, the decisive encounter, now may close the deal to bring Ederson at Lazio next summer as soon as the Lyon midfielder will get an Italian passport (he married an Italian woman), the signature will. Earn about two million, Lazio will be zero euros. As Breno, Bayern defender, on which the leadership is Capitoline spinegendo a few weeks.

“I’m maturing, I do not play much. It is not a simple situation, but I never missed commitment and professionalism. Being followed me feel better. I know that you are
Brazilian teams approached, English and Italian, “said the verdict exclusively to the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’.” Lazio are a great team. I know that President Lotito follows me with
attention from time. Lazio is now in discussion with my agent. But I have not decided yet. ”

Do not depend on money, but by the words of leadership: “The economic aspect is important but not primary. I’m interested in the project, the possibility to express myself with continuity and to rely on my skills, then return to his country. The Champions would be something more, because I would continue to get better at the highest levels, but not critical “.

Hernanes respects, loves Baggio and reveals the background: “I know that Inter has come forward. The Nerazzurri are following me even before Nice, but it never came to anything concrete. Then there is an interest of AC Milan, but it is still early to talk about and I want to focus on the end of the season with Lyon. They are very large teams, would be an honor to play with.”


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