Ibrahimovic and Silva are gone

AC Milan have entered a new era. The financial fair-play (FFP) is taking a toll on all Italian clubs, including Milan. In order to stabilize their financial state they had to accept the generous offer from PSG, who is backed by oil money. Although Ibrahimovic and Silva were Milan’s best players, their sale is justified. Milan will probably buy a couple of players to satisfy the fans but they will not be in the calibre of the aforementioned players. Milan has been invited by an organisation from the United States who are organizing a tournament but it is not sure whether they will accept it or not.

A few days ago the three strongest teams in Italy played a tournament called TIM Trophy and Milan lost twice, both against Inter and Juventus. However, the coach Allegri is satisfied with his team’s performance, but things that the team could use a few additions.

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