Galliani: “We will buy in January!”

The CEO of AC Milan, Adriano Galliani confirmed that this club will certainly look for new football players to strenghten their team, if you like football betting start now!

“We’ve just finished the summer market. Milan’s intention now is to recover the big players who are injured and look for further engagement in the January transfer window. In football, results count. If things are not going well, you have to shut up; when things are going good, you can speak.”

“In sport, there are always fears, and by definition it is cyclical. We hope to repeat the path of last year.

“Milan’s season is not as bad as it looks. Our goal was to reach the Champions League group stages. We will try to recapture our place for the upcoming season.

“Over the past three years we have won the Scudetto and we were on top, until an injury to Thiago Silva. I learned not to get depressed when you lose and not get too excited when you win.” – said Galliani

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