The New Face Of AC Milan?

It’s been decades since the infamous italian magnate Silvio Berlusconi took over the reigns at AC Milan and he had a lot of success. He won many titles, both domestic and international, and Milan was a really strong football force in Europe and in the world. In general, Milan was considered to be among the European elite. Of course, the times of success were strongly tied with a strong Serie A, where several clubs were in the Europe’s top 10. However, in recent years, the whole Serie A hit a hard decline, along with all the clubs that play in it. That is especially the case with the two cluba from Milano — Inter and AC Milan. Massimo Moratti on one side, and Silvio Berlusconi on the other, poured hundreds of millions of their own money into the clubs to make them bigger. However, when the recession hit Italy and Europe, their businesses went south and they stopped pouring capital into the clubs. Ever since, both clubs were mediocre in both Serie A and the Champions League where in some seasons they didn’t even participate.

Massimo Moratti gave in after years and years of trying to make Inter bigger, and sold the majority stake in Inter to an Indonesian businessman Eric Thohir. Moratti remained the honorary oresident, and since then Inter bought a few players that they couldn’t afford before, but nothing too big. A few years later, Thohir sold his stake to a chinese company Suning, which owns several football clubs. They promised new investments, new players and much more. Chinese companies have been also trying to buy AC Milan as well, but Berlusconi was reluctant to sell. He demanded some enormous sums, whuch the potential buyers didn’t want to meet. In the last year, his health has been letting him down and it looks like he’s going to sell. The sums that were mentioned ranged from 400m euros to 1b euros.

What will that mean for AC Milan?

First off, that will mean the end of an era. An era that was marked by Berlusconi. Under his leaderahip, the club really flourished and became huge. Of course, he was assisted by Adriano Galliani who completed all the transfers. Secondly, that will mean a boost that is much needed to revitalize the club. Many clubs that were not great before, like for example Man City, became great with a fresh financial injection. That is bound to happen with Milan as well. It may not be as significant as in the case of City, but it will surely have an impact. New players will arrive, like in City, a new coach perhaps as well, and all that might make Milan great again.

Of course, we will have to wait and see whether the sale happens at all, but the way things are now, it’s just a matter of time.

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