Italians To Watch In The EPL

Mario Balotelli

For fans of Italian football, there hasn’t been too much reason to follow the Premier League for several years, as Italian players tend to stay away from the English leagues in large part. There are of course exceptions, with the most noteworthy in recent years being Mario Balotelli’s stint with Manchester City. However, it seems that for the most part the Italians are content playing in other leagues, and in Italy’s own very sound leagues.

However, if you’re an Italian football fan looking for a reason to take a closer look at the Premier League, it’s important not to take this trend too literally or completely. But just to get you started, here’s a list of the current Italians making the rounds in the Premier League.

    • Emanuele Giaccherini – Giaccherini has started 7 games for Sunderland after being sold by Juventus heading into the season. He’s acquitted himself fairly well, netting 2 goals out of the midfield, though Sunderland’s start has been disastrous, and the team sits at last in the Premier League standings.


    • Vito Mannone – The 25-year old keeper signed a 2 year deal with Sunderland at the outset of league play, but has so far been relegated to a backup role, with Kieren Westwood starting in goal.


    • Federico Macheda – The 22-year old striker is a promising young player who’s signed on with Manchester United, but unless something changes relatively soon he’ll be held out of Premier League action. He’s been loaned out various times in the last couple of seasons, and is currently injured. Still, it’s conceivable that Macheda get some time in match play this season.


    • Pablo Daniel Osvaldo – Osvaldo is a capable forward. He’s actually from Argentina by birth, though he does have Italian citizenship and has played briefly for the Italian national team. So far in Premier League play for Southampton (who have been something of a pleasant surprise), Osvaldo has scored 1 goal in 7 games played.


    • Davide Santon – At just 22 years of age, Santon is establishing himself as a regular defenseman for Newcastle United, and has appeared in 7 games thus far in the 2013-14 Premier League. Santon is a player to watch for future national team appearances as well.


    • Marcello Trotta – The young striker is unlikely to see much time, if any, in Premier League play this season. He’s signed with Fulham, but is on loan in League One to Brentford (as he was for the better part of last season). Still, at just 21, Trotta has an opportunity to rise within the Premier League.

Galliani: “We will buy in January!”

The CEO of AC Milan, Adriano Galliani confirmed that this club will certainly look for new football players to strenghten their team, if you like football betting start now!

“We’ve just finished the summer market. Milan’s intention now is to recover the big players who are injured and look for further engagement in the January transfer window. In football, results count. If things are not going well, you have to shut up; when things are going good, you can speak.”

“In sport, there are always fears, and by definition it is cyclical. We hope to repeat the path of last year.

“Milan’s season is not as bad as it looks. Our goal was to reach the Champions League group stages. We will try to recapture our place for the upcoming season.

“Over the past three years we have won the Scudetto and we were on top, until an injury to Thiago Silva. I learned not to get depressed when you lose and not get too excited when you win.” – said Galliani

Allegri: Mario is just like Ibra

Massimiliano Allegri said that Mario Balotelli is simular type of player to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He added that if he (Mario) continue like this, he could be even better, as he thinks they both have the same physicality and technique.

Since “SuperMario” joined AC Milan (January), he scored 7 goals in his first 6 matches. If you think that Balotelli could score agains’t Fiorentina in the next match, you could check odds offered by for that to happen. Mario is for sure important factor of Milan’s project, and important for this season battle for Champions League spot in Serie A.

“He’s similar to Ibrahimovic both physically and technically, but he can get better because he’s playing with continuity here. Balotelli still has to improve a lot as a centre-forward given his potential, but he has all the right ingredients to do it.”

“The squad is young and I’m happy with the work that the club has done. If we get into the Champions League, without having to pre-qualify, it’ll have been a good year. One thing is for sure, if we’re to get where we want to be, we’ll need a lot of points.”

“I’m very happy to be at Milan and hope to stay at this club for the long term. For that to happen we need results so let’s hope the team can give us some satisfaction.”

Ibrahimovic and Silva are gone

AC Milan have entered a new era. The financial fair-play (FFP) is taking a toll on all Italian clubs, including Milan. In order to stabilize their financial state they had to accept the generous offer from PSG, who is backed by oil money. Although Ibrahimovic and Silva were Milan’s best players, their sale is justified. Milan will probably buy a couple of players to satisfy the fans but they will not be in the calibre of the aforementioned players. Milan has been invited by an organisation from the United States who are organizing a tournament but it is not sure whether they will accept it or not.

A few days ago the three strongest teams in Italy played a tournament called TIM Trophy and Milan lost twice, both against Inter and Juventus. However, the coach Allegri is satisfied with his team’s performance, but things that the team could use a few additions.

Urby Emanuelson: “I changed AC Milan”

The Dutch increasingly convincing Allegri has lined up as fullback, middle and playmaker. The next season is back to basics: “the engineering”.

Urby Emanuelson can smile, despite everything. Milan is not doing well, the Shield is slipping away, but the Dutchman is a certainty for Max Allegri. Fullback, median playmaker: Emanuelson is where you put it. And with good results: “With respect to Ajax, as a player I feel that something has changed in me. In Rossoneri’m fine. After an initial phase of adaptation is much better.” The future is Milan. While in the field could come back in defense …

The Milan coach admires him and has never hidden. Dall’Ajax arrived in January of 2011, Urby started with the handbrake on: difficulties on and off the field. This was the season of consecration: “The support from my teammates and the entire society – returns ‘Tuttosport’ – was crucial to my growth.”

This year, Emanuelson has played mostly in midfield and also marked a network, against Parma. The next season Allegri could bring it back to ‘base’ though. The Dutch born left-back, in recent games has been deployed in that role. Perhaps it is no coincidence.

Galliani: “Tevez, Balotelli? I don’t know!”

And ‘an all-out what Galliani talks about injuries, sprint championship, Allegri and Kick-ratio Berlusconi: “We recover someone and now there are no more easy games.”

Championship Manager and Football ra race in a season finale that promises to be intense for many reasons. At its entrance into the Football League in Milan, AC Milan Adriano Galliani has to got to say a few words about the situation of Milan on both front.

“We are recovering some of the players – he explained – the situation is slowly improving. The schedule right now does not mean anything. The games are all worth three points, there are the easiest and less easy.”

Two words, the manager of AC Milan, the reserves for the president Berlusconi and his relationship with coach Allegri: “Berlusconi is back in effect, since he was elected honorary president of the club by our board of directors. In reality, however, not if it had never left. his relationship with Allegri is clear, it is sacrosanct that a president can give its opinion on his team. ”

Miss a lock on the market: “If I hear Ibra? Of course, the relationship is great! If I feel even Balotelli? No, and in any case would not say it! And Tevez? Do not know who …” all seasoned with the usual sly smile.


Ibrahimovic: “I will stay in Milan”

At Milan I’m fine, I can not have more than that. After the holidays I will return to do the preparation with this shirt on,” said Zlatan.
The rumors about the alleged ‘tummy ache’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who would be ready to leave AC Milan next season if the club will set up a competitive team in his opinion, were promptly denied by the Swedish striker.
“As we said six months ago I’m fine here at Milan – Ibrahimovic said speaking on ‘Milan Channel’ – I have a contract, I have no thoughts and are determined to finish well this season with the Rossoneri and that of my National.”

“Milan has brought me a smile and the desire to play and it’s my future – said the Swedish striker – I have no reason to say other things, play well because I’m fine here, on and off the field. More so I can not have. After the holidays I will return to do the preparation with this shirt on him.”

Meanwhile, the concentration of Ibra, rather than on the market, is the championship final and the fight for the Scudetto with Juventus … “There are six games in the league – he said – and we will do everything to win, then eventually going to get the money. We are there and we must stay focused, well prepared for each race. All players believe this team can become stronger, but not easy to make now in the market. ”

“Until now the company has done everything he promised and I am happy to stay here – he continued Ibrahimovic – The company, first president Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani, give me confidence and responsibility and I’m happy. I i can only speak in the field, with his feet, to pay their respect. they have done a lot to this team and football in these twenty years, they are the symbol of this club and continue to make history. ”

“Winning a championship would be worth much – said the AC Milan striker – We’re champions and we want riconfermarci. We have one point less, but if we concentrate, we can take back his head. Gare like Catania and Fiorentina, in retrospect afterwards, you could also win. it is important not to repeat the mistakes made and do my best in the coming matches.”

AC Milan wants Carlos Tevez

For the Apache, the Rossoneri could start from the last bid submitted to the City in January. If the sacrifice was Robinho Santos could sell the playmaker Ganso.

With the approach of summer, AC Milan will start to think in ways important to the transfer market next summer. According to reports this morning from the Turin daily ‘Tuttosport’, would have different names in his notebook Rossoneri managing director Adriano Galliani and Braida Ariedo

In primo luogo la tripletta di Carlos Tevez contro il Norwich lo scorso weekend ha riacceso la voglia di Galliani di portare in rossonero l’Apache, dopo il trasferimento sfumato a gennaio. Il Milan ripartirà da quella che è stata l’ultima offerta del mercato invernale: 25 milioni di euro più 3 di bonus, offerta che era stata accettata dal Manchester City, prima che l’intervento in prima linea di Silvio Berlusconi annullasse il tutto.

In questi mesi Galliani ha continuato a lavorare sotto traccia con l’agente dell’argentino, Kia Joorabchian, con il quale i rapporti del club di Via Turati sono molto buoni. Inoltre la sensazione è che quella fra la punta e il Manchester City sia solamente una tregua da qui alla fine della stagione, per poi definire il suo trasferimento nel corso dell’estate.

Il City potrebbe chiedere qualcosa in più, ma, a differenza del mercato invernale, i rossoneri avrebbero tre mesi per limare le differenze, sapendo inoltre di poter contare sulla volontà dell’argentino, che già a gennaio aveva dichiarato chiaramente di vedere il suo futuro in rossonero.

Per avere maggiore disponibilità di liquidi il Milan potrebbe decidere di operare uno sfoltimento del reparto offensivo, ma, considerato che Pato e Cassano hanno per ovvii motivi scarso mercato, l’unica opzione possibile in tal senso appare quella di una cessione di Robinho.

In questo senso lavora Ariedo Braida con il Santos, pronto a fare carte false per riavere il giocatore in occasione del centenario del club. I rossoneri sperano tuttavia di poter inserire nella trattativa anche il trequartista Paulo Henrique Ganso, seguito sempre con grande interesse e reduce da una stagione sfortunata per gli infortuni, che potrebbero indurre il club a uno sconto deciso sul prezzo.

Ma Braida in Brasile non segue solo Ganso: piacciono due mediani, Casemiro del San Paolo e Paulinho del Corinthians, ma sul taccuino c’è anche il trequartista della Fluminense Wellington. Intanto, il possibile ritorno al Psv di Van Bommel, potrebbe indurre il Milan a cercare un suo sostituto. Lo stesso olandese ha consigliato il connazionale Kevin Strootman, classe 90’, messosi in luce nelle fila del Psv e seguito da diversi grandi club del vecchio continente.

Dalla Svezia, infine, rimbalza la notizia dell’interessamento del Milan per il difensore del Genoa Andrea Granqvist. Ad ammetterlo sarebbe stato lo stesso Braida, che al quotidiano ‘The Expressen’ ha dichiarato: “Granqvist è un buon giocatore e un bravo ragazzo. Lo abbiamo visionato varie volte nell’arco della stagione e posso dire che è un buon giocatore”. La prima alternativa come difensore centrale è Acerbi del Chievo.


Can Ibrahimovic break a new record?

The genius of Malmo continues to be the great certainty of the Milan season: 30 goals overall, 23 in the league. Eto’o’s record in the viewfinder.

All about Zlatan. As before, more than before. The Milan clings to the Swedish totems out of this mini-crisis that has complicated than a little-league plans for the Rossoneri. Ibrahimovic is the lifeline for a devil who struggles to stay afloat, including injuries, suspensions and tiredness.

The goal machine continues to be the great certainty of the Milan season: 30 goals overall, 23 in the league. Ibrahimovic goals ever achieved, that is having probably the best year of his career. Unlike what happened in the past, the Swede has not decreased in the second half of the season, maintaining its performance levels of excellence.

It’s no secret that over the Scudetto Ibrahimovic circles this year the scepter of King bombers. Three years ago won the top scorer with 25 networks, a goal well within reach since the only two goals. Not to mention the possible attack on the record Eto’o, scorer last season with 34 centers decade.

Never as in this period, Milan desperately need the feats of Zlatan to keep alive their ambitions. And to him, the man-championship par excellence, comes also asked, in these seven games remaining, an additional dose of self-control, to avoid the dangerous disqualification. Why Ibrahimovic on its head a sword of Damocles called formal notice, and a yellow at this point in the season could weigh a ton.

He will need self-control even Massimiliano Allegri, who in recent weeks has had more of a comparison with Ibra: Swedish criticized the tactics of the coach in the second leg against Arsenal and voiced his opinion, no tones oxfordiani properly, the controversy-injury, also criticizing the athletic trainers. Milan, however, can not afford cracks in the latter part of the season: better to cover the damage and delay the restoration work at the end of May …

Ederson: “Lazio is a great team, but there are Inter and Milan”

Earn about two million, Lazio will “be” zero euros. As Breno, Bayern’s defender, on which the leadership is Capitoline spinegendo a few weeks.

Yesterday, the decisive encounter, now may close the deal to bring Ederson at Lazio next summer as soon as the Lyon midfielder will get an Italian passport (he married an Italian woman), the signature will. Earn about two million, Lazio will be zero euros. As Breno, Bayern defender, on which the leadership is Capitoline spinegendo a few weeks.

“I’m maturing, I do not play much. It is not a simple situation, but I never missed commitment and professionalism. Being followed me feel better. I know that you are
Brazilian teams approached, English and Italian, “said the verdict exclusively to the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’.” Lazio are a great team. I know that President Lotito follows me with
attention from time. Lazio is now in discussion with my agent. But I have not decided yet. ”

Do not depend on money, but by the words of leadership: “The economic aspect is important but not primary. I’m interested in the project, the possibility to express myself with continuity and to rely on my skills, then return to his country. The Champions would be something more, because I would continue to get better at the highest levels, but not critical “.

Hernanes respects, loves Baggio and reveals the background: “I know that Inter has come forward. The Nerazzurri are following me even before Nice, but it never came to anything concrete. Then there is an interest of AC Milan, but it is still early to talk about and I want to focus on the end of the season with Lyon. They are very large teams, would be an honor to play with.”